How to rent a bike in leh-ladakh

How to rent a bike in leh-ladakh

As we ever think about Leh-Ladakh it’s all about GOD own creation. You can’t tell anyone that how beautiful Leh-Ladakh is, because of its more beautiful than heaven. Yes, you have read correct Leh-Ladakh is more beautiful than heaven. If someone says that it’s a real piece of an art made by god then he won’t be wrong. If you never had visit Leh-Ladakh then our suggestion is to please at least visit it once in your lifetime before you say goodbye. Leh-Ladakh is not about greenery like Himachal or Uttarakhand it’s all about the desert. Yes, you have read right desert you won’t find green mountains or green valleys in Ladakh only desert. Yes, you may find few numbers or trees in Ladakh but nothing else than that. That’s why you won’t find that much snow in Ladakh reason. You will defiantly find snow at barchla pass which is 16600FT but you find very less snow in khardungla or taglangla pass which is above than 17600FT. This was little information about leh.

how to rent a bike in leh-ladakh

The main question is How to rent a bike in Leh-Ladakh. But before this question, you should know why I should rent a bike in Leh-Ladakh.

There is a lot of reason that why should you visit leh on the bike. Traffic Jam is one of the common problems in a tourist place, So the first point is a traffic jam if you don’t want to stick your ass into heavy traffic jam then you have to rent a bike in Leh-Ladakh. Don’t worry you won’t find traffic jam all the year but in Summer mainly in season May and June, you gonna face it more than usual. So, either prepare for a long traffic jam or either rent a bike in Leh.

Feel the leh-Ladakh:

If you really want to feel or observe Leh-Ladakh then you have to hire a bike because you can’t feel the real weather of Leh by sitting in the car you have to go outside of that car. But this doesn’t mean that you should go for proper leh bike trip because it’s not that much easy as it looks like. So, if you are not professional then please don’t you even think about that. But there is a better option for you If you are coming from Manali by car or you directly came to Leh by flight. Then there is a good option for you just rent a bike from Leh-Ladakh and visit the most beautiful lake in the world Pangong tso and also Nubra valley and you can enjoy double hump camel ride in Hundar village which is just 7KM far from Diskit Monastery.

While you visit Nubra or Pangong you will have to cross world one of the highest passes and which are Khardungla and changla pass. And if you visit these places on the bike then there will be less problem while you breathing because when you ride in open your body will quickly acclimatize with the surrounding. And riding on the bike will help you more.

How to rent a bike in Leh-Ladakh

Before this, there are other important questions that you must know.

  • Can I use Manali rented Bike in Leh / Can I use rented bike in leh:

The answer is yes as well as no because you can’t ride your Manali rented or Other city rented bike in Nubra valley because the taxi union checks you and if you found guilty they will fine you a huge amount I am not saying that always this happens sometimes some people can go without any issues so guys that is their luck but in reality they will ask you to real documents. But for pangong leh you can take the bike because during Leh pangong no one is there to ask you anything about this. But for nubra at first chowki you will find taxi union person asking about your bike. So, guys be Don’t take chance to ride your other city rented bike in Nubra and Pangong.

tanglangla Pass Ladakh
  • Can I use my own bike in Leh:

Yes you can use your own bike or real brother bike in leh. If they ask you can tell them that this is my brother bike or Mine they won’t ask you again. But even for the personal bike, you need permissions from Tourism Office.

  • Can anyone rent a bike in Leh:

Yes anyone can rent a bike in If you are 18 and have a valid licence and ID proof then no one can stop you from renting a bike in Leh.

  • What are the documents required for Rent a bike in Leh:

You need a valid ID proof for deposit that at the bike rental service. And a valid license photocopy. Valid Id proof can be adhaar card or it can be a voter ID card. Pan card is not an ID proof. Without these documents, they will not give you any bike so be sure before you are a thing about renting a bike in leh.

  • From where I can get Bike:

In leh there are many options but there is always lack of good options. So KPL Expeditions is the one on which you can trust. But I am not here to tell you that you must rent a bike from KPL. But they will make it easier to rent a good bike. So the choice is yours if you like hidden charges then you can go to other. Otherwise just call and ask KPL. It will not cost you 1 rupee. But if you are in leh city you can go to the market and you will find many agents there. But don’t trust blindly at anyone.

  • Can I drop my rented bike in Manali or another city:

Yes you can do this with KPL Expedition Bike rentals service. But there is always an extra charge for that. It will cost you Rs10000 to Rs15000 per bike. Yes, it is very high but there are no other options because It really cost that much this will not give benefit to the service provider because they have to pay Rs10000 for the rider who take that bike from Manali to leh.

  • Price for the rented Bike:

It totally depends on your need means on the bike. Price will vary according to the Bike variety.

  • If you rent a Royal Enfield Bullet 350cc then it will cost you 800 for half day and 1200 for a full And yes, if you rent a bike for long then it would cost you less.
  • If you rent a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 then it will cost you more than 350cc the price would be 1600 for full and 1000 for half day. But you may get the same bike from KPL Expeditions at 1500.
  • If you rent a Royal Enfield Thunderbird then it will cost you Rs1300.
  • If you rent a 220pulsar, Avenger and duke it would cost you 1100 per day and 800 for half day.
  • If you rent an automatic scooty like wego, active etc. then it would cost you 700-800 Per day.
  • Last option is 150cc Bikes like a pulsar, Yamaha FZ, Impulse etc. then it would cost you Rs 800 per day.

The above price can vary from season to season in off-season price may vary. For example, in season Royal Enfield 350 cost you 1300 but in off season it will cost you only Rs1000. But it’s not applicable to every agency. And rest is on you that how much you can negotiate with these people.

  • Paperwork for renting a bike in leh:

Yes paperwork is mandatory for renting a bike in leh.

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  • Should I deposit the security:

Yes, you have to deposit security amount to these agencies without security deposit they won’t give your bike. Don’t worry about your security deposit because you will get back your deposit after you return your bike. Security deposit also varies from agent to agent some agencies charge you 10000 some charge you 3000 Or some charge you 5000. In Kullu Manali the security charge is 3000 but you are taking your bike to spiti and leh then they charge you Rs10000. In leh-ladakh they also charge you 10000 for a long trip like manali and spiti etc. And if you want to rent a bike only for 2 days then the security charge will be only Rs4000. You also need original aadhar card for rent a bike because they will take it as security.

  • Is there any option available to book online or in advance:

Yes with KPL expeditions you will get this option. You can book your bike in advance, the benefit is that if you book in advance you will get any bike according to your choice but if you go to the market and then you rent a bike, in season sometime you might not get your bike. So, if you get your choice bike with advanced booking then it’s a good choice. I know you are thinking about bike condition don’t worry, with KPL you will have the option to choose any bike according to your choice.

  • Will they provide luggage carrier with the bike or not:

No, they won’t give you luggage carrier with the same price for luggage carrier you have to pay extra 100 Rupees per day. But on some bike, you will find small luggage carries and which is totally free. You won’t get any riding gear with the rented bike, for any kind of gear you will have to pay. You will find a variety of these gear like knee cap, elbow caps special helmet. But you don’t worry you will get two helmets free of cost.

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  • How to check bike condition:

So it totally depends on you that how much you are expert in that they will give you bike you can ride it for 5min and check it whether it is ok or Not. But don’t try to judge your bike with its outer looks sometimes the bikes are looking great from outside but there are lots of internal problems. So, before you rent a bike please check your bike very carefully. Because in these roads sometimes you won’t get anyone to help you.

  • Do I get fuel:

No fuel is totally on you, You will get only half ltr by which you can take your bike to the petrol pump. Fuel price in leh-ladakh is much than Manali. The petrol price in leh is 86 Rupees and the price of petrol in Manali is 77Rupees so there is a big difference.

  • Important things you must Know:

There are some very important things that you should know before renting. In leh you will find bumpy roads mostly whether in Pangong or in Nubra valley. So, before you rent a bike please check tire as well as breaks. And if you don’t have the knowledge of puncture then according to me you should not rent a bike. Because sometimes you may face this kind of problem and on these roads sometimes you won’t find anyone to help you. So, guys before you go to these high-altitude points please make yourself a Pro. Don’t forget to take the extra clutch wire, chain links, tube and most important toolkit. Don’t forget to take your bike at first difficult point khardungla if your bike working properly it means you can take that bike to anywhere. Because khardungla is just37 Km from Leh city.

At last, I just want to say whether you rent a bike or you have your own bike just make sure that you have to spend a quality time here, if something unusual happens just be a lion at that time don’t ruin your holidays for such things which are not so important.

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