Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra

Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra:

My Experience about the Epic Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra. A full travel Guide If you are thinking about this yatra then please just read this whole story otherwise you going to face some real problems.

My Intro:

I am 70% professional trekker who knows how to live in minimum resources of nature. This story is about my Shrikhand Mahadev yatra which we have started on 13/07/2018 and ended on 18/07/2018. So, we have basically taken total 6 Days.

I am reversing some part of story. The story starts from 9/07/2018 because when my Cousin Uttam Thakur asked me about sleeping bags and I asked him why you need these are you planning to go somewhere, so he replied with very joyful voice, Yes, we are planning to go Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra and we are total 6 person and yes, we have 2 more seats left, if you have willing to come with us you can join us.

I made my Plan

After his words I have only Shrikhand Mahadev yatra in my mind I have some question for myself “Should I go”” Else can I do that” For one day I was keep on thinking these sorts of questions. But on 10th my cousin again called me and asked me for 3 sleeping bags and I replied bro not three you will need 5, and he asked me why “Answer given by me” Yes, your brother is also coming with Katappa.

He replied sure you can come. So, we started our backpacking after 11 July. I put headlight & Magnesium fire tool first because that is one of the most important things according to me. I put some chocolates and 1-rupee toffee by which I can breathe well at an altitude of 18570FT yes you read it right, Shrikhand Mahadev yatra ends at an altitude of 18270 ft. Below is the trailer of Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra.

On 12 evening I got a call from Ut bhai and he told me that we have packed our backpack and asked me did you and my reply was Yes brother I did it yesterday. I was so happy this time because this time we are taking Hyundai creta with us and which will be driven by Uttam Thakur, that was my thinking but ESA ho na saka. Sapne sapne reh gaye or apno ne dhoka de dia. So, we need to get up at 4 o clock in the morning and meet up at the common point that is Bishveshwar Mahadev Temple Bajaura.

After morning aarti of bholenath for 10 min, we started our journey from Bajaura. This time Uttam Thakur drove, and I took rest.

Starting Our Journey From Bajaura

As we started, we thought that we would stop at the jalori pass which was 50Km far from Bajaura. After reaching jalori pass, we have decided to take some break. After having tea, we have decided to take some drone shots, but due to dense fog, we couldn’t make it. So we started our journey towards the next point that is Anni.

When we reached Anni we have bought some important stuff like socks, playing cards, medicine because Anni is the last main town from where you may find everything, after this station you won’t find any market. So after one hr, we have left Anni. Now the jaon village is 60KM far from us. After driving 47 Km, we decided to go to devdhank temple. According to the locals If you want to complete your yatra then you must visit this devdhank temple before starts your journey towards Shrikhand Mahadev.

Shrikhand Mahadev Map:

After darshan, we started our journey towards Jaon village to it took 1.40 Hr to reach jaon the time was 2.30PM. After we reached jaon we decided to park our cars in safe places. It’s challenging to find a safe place for parking. Try to park your vehicle in the open area, don’t park your car on edge or under the cliff.

Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra Map:

From here our arduous journey begins. Our first-day milestone was thachru. Which is total 15Km in this trek the most challenging part was Brati Nala to Thachru which is also called as Dandi Dhar(Slant).

Shrikhand Mahadev Trek Day 1 :

We started from Jaon with our backpack, We have given the heaviest bag to our sher katappa because he is the only one who can take that bag till Shrikhand Mahadev. After taking our bags we started at Jaon village, but we found langar after 1 hrs of the walk, so we decided to eat that langar.

As we thought this is going to be a cool trip, but it won’t happened in that way. Some friends are recommending us to stay in singhad.

Registration Process

But some of us refuse this because singhad is only 3km from jaon and we should trek some more km because if we do so then, this will be going to help us in the next day.So, we have decided to cover at least 4to five more km in the same day. During savan month there is police team who stops you for checking at singhad,and they will check whether you are fit or not medically if you found unfit then they won’t allow you to complete the Shrikhand Mahadev yatra. If you are a healthy person, then you have to give 200 rupees as registration fees.

Because it is impossible for unfit people to complete that Yatra. But before 15 July there was no police officer because yatra starts officially after 15. So we started our trek from singhad at 5:00PM till 7PM we crossed Brati nala, and 1.8 KM of Dandi Dhar, at brati nala you can stay free of cost and also have the dinner. But after brati nala there were only a few stays so if you have found many people going upward then try to stay in Brati nala.

In our time there was not much public who was heading towards Thachru, so we decide to stay after a few KMs. So, we have stayed 2km far from brati nala. Stay was quite good and the food was also excellent. The first day our stay expense was 500PP with Dinner and Breakfast. In the night there was heavy rainfall. So, try to cover your clothes with polyethene, and you must have a good raincoat.

Brati Nala to Kunsha(17-18km)Day 2:

In the Morning there was drizzling out there, but we have decided to start our trek at 6:00 am. We were total 1OKM far from thachru, so we decided to climb that khadi Dhar we thought that we going to clear this khadi Dhar in 3 hrs but it took 5:00 to complete. We have reached thachru at 11:00 am. Thachru is the place where you will find medical facilities by government and also find many tents to stay. In Thachru you will also find Langar.

After having some rest for two hr, we have decided to trek upto kunsha. At that time nature was upset with us because it was heavy rainfall outside. At 7:00 pm we have reached kunsha, after arriving there we had ordered rajma chawal. And the taste was just excellent, I will never forget that rajma chawal taste in my whole life. Our stay was quite pleasant in the swiss tent, but the sad thing was our clothes were wet. In the evening we have decided that we will start our trek early in the morning at 4 AM.

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Shrikhand Mahadev yatra-Kunsha to Parvati Baag-Day 3:

After wake up early in the morning, we decided to start the trek at 7:00 am because we need to complete the only 7km in this day until Parvati baag. The trail is very good to trek.

There are only two small brooks that you have to cross. The path is so beautiful I can’t even Imaging those trails with lush green mountains colossal waterfall etc.

But there is a perilous point after kali top, that is so downward also if someone falls there he inevitably die in a minute. So, try to complete that little journey with caution. After kali top you have to cross Bheem talai, you can also stay at Bheem talai. It is a quite good place.

Going towards Bheem Talai

After Bheem talai our next small resting point was Bheem Dwar. Bheem dwar is a big campsite where you will find 100 of tents and camps. Before leaving for Parvati baag, you must ask from the people that whether you will find any accommodation in Parvati bag or not because sometimes it becomes impossible to find any lodging because in Parvati bag there is only 50-person accommodation so please ask before you leave towards Parvati bag. And in Parvati bag the stay is 500 PP and the food is Rs200PP so total 700PP.

Parvati Baag to Shrikhand Mahadev-Day4:

Day 4 is most challenging day don’t worry in this day we don’t need to trek 15Km, we have only 5.5KM, But the trail is most difficult, if you are not a good trekker then you should not come after this because you won’t find any trailing mark in this 6km trek. Only stone, mud, and slippery small pebbles.

When we woke at 4:00 am its heavy rainfall outside, and the sound was so scary. So, we started our trek at 5:30 am after 1.5Km Nain Sarovar came. The beautiful small lake according to ancient scripture the lake has made with the tears of Parvati Ji.

You can fill your bottles here because after this you won’t find any water. And one more thing, please use a trekking stick while you walk because it is very frequently that you may slip in this trail.

Use good quality trekking shoes. And finally, we have reached 10:00 am at Shrikhand Mahadev and that scene I will never forget, and that time the feeling was like, I have climbed Mt Everest because for ordinary people it’s like to get a gold medal in Olympic.

I can’t Explain my feeling in words. Now we are at 18570 Feet above sea level and in front of 70feet tall shivling.

We stayed there for one hr because at the top it was so cold and our feet without shoes was freezing. We started our journey back to Parvati bag after taking blessing from Shiva. So, in this day till the evening, we have reached bheem talai, so we stayed there.

Bheem Talayi to Bajaura(Home)Day 5:

Early morning, we started our journey back to jaon village, but when we reached thachru, we heard the sad news that last night three boys died due to some health issue. Yes, you have read right every year 20-30 people killed in Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra. After thachru, we took three more hours to reach Jaon village. So, till 4 PM we have arrived Jaon village. After some rest we decided to go to the sarahan. Due to some injury to our brothers we cancel out plan to stay in sarahan, so we decided to try night drive home and with the god grace we have reached in the midnight at 2:00 am at our house. This was all about out Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra.

Shrikhand Mahadev height & length:

The total trek distance for one side is 35Km. And the Height of Shrikhand Mahadev is 18570Ft above sea level.

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