Best Time to visit Manali

Best time to visit Manali:

Before telling you about the best time to visit Manali, you should know little bit about Manali. As we heard the name Manali then we only think about nature, river and beautiful sceneries. And Manali is something different and it’s not like other places in Himachal Pradesh. The most different thing about Kullu-Manali is the people and the style of their living. The Language is also very different here from the rest of Himachal. The main occupation of Manali People is Tourism and Apple orchard. And you can see apple orchard in both Kullu Manali Valley. Manali has mainly two point one is new Manali or we can say Manali and 2nd is Old Manali, which Is just 1.5Km from Manali main Market. You can visit many beautiful places in Manali Such as Old Manali, Rohtang Pass, Anjani Mahadev, Solang Valley etc.

Best time to visit Manali (Months):

January to March

As we start from January so January is quite a good time for both family and couple as well as for the friends. But if you are snow lover then you must come Manali in the month of January February. Because in Manali after 15Dec there are 80 to 90 % of chance to have a snowfall. And in these months, you can enjoy live snowfall. During these months you can also enjoy snow activities like snowboarding, skiing, zorbing etc.

April to June:

April to June is the season when you can enjoy the pleasant weather here because in other region of India like Delhi, Gujarat Rajasthan Punjab and Haryana the temperature reaches at 40 degree. So, you can come here in Manali to enjoy Camping, trekking, raftingParagliding etc.

July to September:

These months are basically of monsoon so you can also come to Manali in these months to enjoy rain. But sometime due to heavy rain there are more chances of flood so it is advisable to stay far from riverside. That’s why in these months rafting has also not done in Kullu-Manali.

October to December:

You must come to Manali in October because of Kullu Dussehra because Kullu Dussehra is something very different and you must joint. In October you can also go to trekking camping, paragliding in Manali. In the month of November and December you can enjoy chilled weather of Manali. Or some time there are more chances to see live snow fall after 15 December.

Best Time to visit Rohtang Pass

As you know Rohtang Pass is one of the most beautiful pass in the world and has a huge fan following. The reason behind that is even in the summer you will find snow in Rohtang Pass. So here Iam telling you the best time when you can visit Rohtang Pass and you will find snow. The main reason behind visit of Rohtang Pass is snow so the best months are May, June , July till 15 and September and October and you can also enjoy live snowfall in October and till 15 November. I have skipped July and August because the main reason behind that is rainfall happens heavy in these months so it is advisable to avoid some accident like land sliding etc.

Best Time to visit Solang Valley:

Solang Valley is also very popular among youth as well as family because of its beauty and activities that you can do in Solang valley. You can enjoy ride snow-scooter and even you can enjoy ski in winters. In Summer you can enjoy zorbing, Horse riding, Trekking as well as Paragliding in Solang Valley. So Solang valley is something you must try in summer as well as in winter.

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