Old Manali

Old Manali:

O-Manali is 3Km far from the New Manali. O-Manali has its own importance, it has beautiful café’s where you can enjoy local dish as well as the Tibetan dish. Old Manali has some beautiful local kathkuni structured house, which has their own importance in summer and winter. In O-M you will find many old wooden houses till now because they love to stay in those traditional houses because in winter they feel warm and in summer they feel cool from inside.

Try different cuisine in Old Manali.

O-M has some delicious cuisine list that you won’t find anywhere. In Manali you will find Tibetan dishes like thentup, Momos, Thukpa, Mutton shapta, these are some delicious cuisine that you must try. My favorite is mutton shapta in mutton sharpta 70% mutton 20% Maida and 10 other ingredients. So, whenever you go there you must tthe main reason behind it. If you have booked your hotel in old Manali and you have your own car then you will regret, So this is a request to either park you vehicle in Manali parking or you can book your stay before Manali, Shuru,Prini, Simsa Rangri etc.

Old Manali Places to Visit:

In O-M there are some beautiful places that you should visit like Hadimba temple, the street café is one of the best cafés in O-Manali.

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Old Manali Places to Stay:

Old Manali is a good place to stay because it will give you the feeling of lap of mother nature. But If you have your own vehicle, then it’s going to be very difficult to you. Because of heavy traffic jam you will regret. But if you are coming to Manali without your vehicle then it’s a good choice to stay in O-M.

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Old Manali to New Manali Distance

The total distance between old and new Manali is 3KM.

Old Manali things to do:

You can do many things in O-M like Yak ride horse riding, Paragliding Etc. For children there is a fun park in O-M. You can also try Burua Fun park which is very big.

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